Highlands Ranch Flatbed Towing Service

Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing Service has a huge fleet of state of the art flatbed tow trucks ready to handle any situation. We also provide flatbed towing 24-hours a day across Highlands Ranch and beyond! Flatbed tow trucks are the best of the best. They allow your vehicle to be completely removed from the road. This is perfect for 4x4 vehicles or heavily damaged vehicles.

Here’s what you expect from the best flatbed towing service:

  • No Hustle Pricing
  • Experienced Towing Professionals
  • Flatbed Service Available 24 Hours A Day
  • Quality Trucks and Quality Customer Service

Get the work done right in a high-quality flatbed tow truck. Call Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing Service today!


antique muscle car on flatbed tow truck

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Benefits Of Flatbed Tow Trucks

There are certain reasons why flatbed tow trucks are more beneficial than traditional wrecker tow trucks. When Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing is deciding which truck to send, we take these certain factors into account.

4-Wheel Drive Vehicles: We use flatbed tow trucks for all 4-wheel drive vehicles because it’s safer for the vehicle. Dolly trucks transport front-wheel drive suspension vehicles by hooking the two front wheels onto the trailer while the two back wheels are still on the ground. Flatbed tow trucks allow the vehicle to be placed on it under the vehicles own power or pulled by a winch.

Damage Control: After an accident has occurred, all vehicles that have been severely damaged or totaled are transported on a flatbed tow truck. The flatbed is safer for already damaged vehicles and prevents any further damage from occurring.

Distance: Which truck we choose depends on the distance we have to travel to transport it. For long distance towing and hauls we will use a flatbed tow truck. The flatbed absorbs bumps better and puts less wear on the vehicle when transporting it.

Luxury Vehicles: If you need a luxury vehicle towed, such as a classic or antique car we provide our flatbed towing service. We use this service for these vehicles because it is less likely for any damage or harm to occur to the vehicle while being towed by a flatbed tow truck.

Junk or Scrap Vehicles: For totaled, scrapped, or junk vehicles we use our flatbed towing service. These vehicles are (usually) in no condition to be pulled and need to be securely placed on a flatbed. Sometimes they are simply in pieces and will be strapped down by our professionals to be towed.

Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing is here to provide you with the best quality service and performance from our trucks and trained drivers. Our 24-hour emergency towing will offer the correct tow truck for the circumstance; no matter the day or time. When hiring our services you can expect quick arrival and drivers who understand the situation you’re in. When all is said and done you can count us. Give us a call today!