Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing: Roadside Assistance Service

Being on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle is no fun, and being stuck in a ditch or snowbank is even worse. Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing Service is here to help! We provide complete roadside assistance services to make sure you’re back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Here’s what you can expect from the best roadside assistance service in the south metro area: 

  • Fast Arrival With Accurate ETA
  • Top Tier Equipment and Tow Trucks
  • Honest, Fair and Straight Up Pricing
  • Friendly and Professional Tow Truck Drivers
  • Reliable Roadside Assistance
  • 24/7 Assistance and Availablity

While we handle just about every type of roadside assistance service we’ve provided a detailed list of all the services we offer. For any questions or in need of quick help call Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing Service today! Contact us at: (720) 735-8636

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Our Roadside Assistance Services

Flat Tire Services:

Flat tires can happen when you least expect it, and sometimes in the most inopportune times. We guarantee to not only arrive quickly but also change the tire fast and efficiently. We will aid you in removing and replacing tires and lug nuts. If you encounter a flat don’t worry and call Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing, you can count us!

Jumpstart and Battery Service:

If your battery has died and you’re stranded on the side of the road, we’ll be there to offer you help. We will provide jumpstart cables and a driver who knows how to correctly and cautiously jumpstart your vehicle. We also offer battery replacement and emergency battery charges.

Breakdown Assistance and Service:

Cars can break down for mysterious reasons and sometimes assistance is needed to figure out what the problem is. Our company offers engine repair and solutions to make your vehicle drive-able again. If the vehicle requires further repair we can tow it to a preferred destination for a fair and honest price.

Winch Out Service:

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a ditch or snow bank then stay calm and call Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing. We will safely pull your vehicle from where it’s stuck and get you back on the road again. Our drivers are specifically trained for these situations and have the knowledge to bring your vehicle out of the embankment without causing any further damage.

Fuel Delivery Service:

Being stranded on the side of the road with an empty gas tank is a situation none of us want to be in, but can still happen. If you’ve found yourself in this scenario, our roadside assistance drivers will be there to deliver you fuel.

Lock-Out Assistance:

Locking yourself out of your vehicle is a mistake that happens to the best of us. It can often be very stressful and frustrating, but there’s always a solution. If a family member or friend is unable to deliver you a set of spare keys then you can count on Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing. We will arrive quickly and work fast and efficiently to get you back in your vehicle.

Broken Windshield Assistance:

A broken windshield on the side of the highway or road requires special assistance. Our trained technicians are able to help repair and replace your windshield as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get you back driving and on with your day. If circumstances are more severe, we are able to tow your car to where it needs to go. Broken windshield? No worries, just give us a call.

Our Emergency Roadside Assistance team is there when you need them. Any day of the week, no matter the time. Give us call now if you are stuck in a stressful situation like the ones above. We’re here to help.


Why You Should Hire Roadside Assistance Service Instead Of Trying To Do It Yourself!

In cases of a broken down vehicle or flat tire, your first reaction is to handle the situation yourself. If the circumstance allows it, that can be a good option. But in other scenarios, the best option is to call Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing Service. There’s a lot of dangers when it comes to handling a breakdown and everything you do after a breakdown must be done with safety in mind. 

Sometimes these situations happen on busy roadways with heavy traffic. Other times, it’s when it’s pouring down rain with low visibility. In those times, our trained professionals are there to help. We are able to set up traffic cones around your vehicle and use the lights on our tow truck to alert the people driving to move out of the way. That allows enough space to safely work on the vehicle without the worry of a careless driver coming too close. Being outside of the vehicle and repairing it yourself can be dangerous and pointless in inexperienced hands.

Another benefit of hiring a roadside assistance service is that we will do our job correctly and professionally. We are able to discuss the problem from an experienced and trained point of view. We understand how to help you in the best way possible, which means we will deliver the most efficient and quick solution.

Don’t hesitate and hire Highlands Ranch Top Tier Towing Service to handle all your roadside repairs! Give us a call now!